The Koi Posse

Discussion in 'Goldfish and Koi' started by duxallinarow, May 19, 2013.

  1. duxallinarow

    duxallinarow Active Member

    The Koi Posse has moved out of the basement 55gal "spa" and into the 4x8 pond off the back deck as of yesterday. The water temp had warmed to 62° by Saturday so it was time to round 'em up and head 'em out. The koi that live at Compound Dux are a motley crew, and all have names bestowed on them by The Girls. They are a mix of normal-finned koi, butterfly-finned koi, one giant comet, and a pair of little fantails.
    For the record, they are Shamu, Red, Dennis, Nemo, Argyle, Spot, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Skeletor, Blade, Muhammad Ali, and the Fan Boys.
    Yes, we drink beer on the porch.
  2. vanglor

    vanglor Member

    got pic?
  3. duxallinarow

    duxallinarow Active Member

    Working on it – they're fast.
  4. duxallinarow

    duxallinarow Active Member

    Added another metallic gold butterfly koi to the deck pond. They're all eating well, but it's still too cold to put out their little buddies yet. If the weather stays clear I might be able to snap some picks tomorrow.

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