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  1. My albino bristle nose Whitney loves her zucchini and cucumbers and broccoli, but I've never really tried anything else and I'm wondering if it's safe to try other fruits and vegetables. I grabbed some cantaloupe, honeydew melon, a strawberry and a raspberry at a salad bar and I'm wondering if those would be safe to try. How about a small slice of banana? I certainly don't want her to get sick because I was trying to be nice and I didn't think it through .
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    You can try the tops of stawberries, My ancistrus eat those, the mellon should work, not sure about the banana, other foods acorn squash, sweet potatoe, spinach, collard greens. Repashy gel based foods has a formula called Fruit Luups

    PM me if you would like to try a sample.

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