turn over rate for a rack system, need advice.

Discussion in 'General Freshwater Aquarium Keeping' started by steve, Jan 28, 2018.

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    I am planning a new rack of isolation/breeding/plant grow out tanks in preparation for the new large tank. I'm planning a sump of around 240 gallons with 6 poret 2 inch sheets for filtration. the next shelf will hold 4 tanks that are 32x30x16 for around 70 gallons each, the top shelf will hold 10 20 gallon long tanks. all the tanks will have a 2 inch poret foam back wall and 2 drain tubes. my question is what is a reasonable flow rate for this system. was considering using a dart external pump to run all the tanks or 2 jaebos for redundancy. I would appreciate thoughts and opinions on what flow rate would work for the individual tanks or the shelves or the whole thing. thanks, steve
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    I had a similar system in my old fish room. 2 x 120 gallons with dual overflows, 8 x 15 gallons with poret walls and 1" drains out the back.

    I discovered that you can't really pull the water through the poret as fast as you think. I started with 30 ppi foam and eventually changed to 10 ppi foam. But still the flow was about 100-150 gph per each 15 maximum (usually it was much less when the spraybars clogged up with snail shells). And I still had to clean the poret weekly to keep them from clogging up with debris (but I keep a lot of wood eating plecos so that's normal).

    I used an Aqueon 4000 submersible utility pump for the 8 x 15's and an Iwaki 30 RLXT for the two 120's.

    IME you really don't have to push a lot of water through the central system to keep the water quality high. A slower flow will run quieter and more efficient and the water quality will remain good. Use a propeller style circulation pump or airstones to create more water movement in the aquarium itself.

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    Why is there is a need for a foam wall in the tanks that are centrally filtered?
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    just a belt and suspenders I suppose. also thought it would be easier than worrying about a clogged overflow, but now you have me thinking about skipping it. I was also thinking that I may try breeding some tetras so that would be a reason for at least some of the tanks to have foam backs. I think I will get a jaebo dcp10000 to see how that works with a second one as the back up or to be added if needed for more flow. I was planning on around 100 to 200 gph for the 20s so that should be in the range for the filters ability. anyone else with feedback on wha
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    If you go with the 2 inch foam the flow has to keep the foam upright. I do think 10 ppi works best.
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