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    We've been reading the details of frog friendly ponds on this website with great interest and have just now got our own pond in place. We're in the process of getting in place plenty of what we hope is frog friendly stuff around the pond edges and have had oxygenating plants in the pond already for a couple of weeks (Vallisneria Giant, Milfoil, Bacopa Sp, Vallisneria, Yellow Marsh-Flower, Nardoo and Papyrus). However, the mozzie wrigglers are going berko and we are keen to get some fish in to find a natural balance. Our local pond shop just can't seem to understand our desire to have a natural pond without pumps or chemicals. We took a sample of the water up to them for testing and they again recommended a water pump and a truck load of goldfish water conditioner before we even consider putting in a couple of Murray Rainbow fish. This was based on an electrical conductivity measurement of 200 (shop recommended 1000 was a good target? and that we should condition the water every three months!), pH was ok. Without wanting to put fish in poor water conditions, our questions are: Is water conditioner necessary? Are there any other water quality issues to look out for before introducing fish. Snails...are they a common thing to have in ponds and are they good to have? Are their native water snails in Melbourne. If so can you buy them?
    Our pond is lacking shade at the moment which is something we are also trying to get sorted. I am hoping there are some trees out there that are ok to have near a pond and plan to ask our local indigenous nursery in a few weeks when they are re-stocked. Any advice would be great. We have had very mixed messages on this subject too. We know and understand the importance of shade but again we are trying to do it all so it looks (and is) as natural as possible. As for the photos...they show the pond in progress. The water isn't looking great at the moment as I had to get in it yesterday to re-position the plants after re-potting a few and it's looking a bit green after it's first bit of rain the other night...algae moving in perhaps.

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    I would suggest speaking with Chuck (his user name on this forum is simply Chuck). He has a great deal of pond and low-tech knowledge. He also has a blog in the member blogs section of the forum that may have some additional insights.

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