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  1. Ashley

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    I'm going to be setting up a nano reef soon and I'm so confused on water. I know I can't use tap so what does everyone else use? I'm having a hard time finding a RO/DI system, that I can disconnect,that doesn't cost me an arm and three legs. It just seems crazy to have a system for 75 GPD when all I'll need is 1-2. I don't need RO for any of my other tanks. Are there smaller units on the market? What should I be looking for in a good unit? Should I just sip it all and get water from the LFS?
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    I've been reading up on reefs too... Trying to avoid them cause I know I'll get sucked in and have a huge reef soon after I get a small one :)

    Anyway, it seems like those with nano reefs just buy the water... you don't do many water changes so it's not that expensive but I spose a pain to have to buy all the time...

    How big of a nano are you thinking?

    Many use distilled water or buy RO water from the grocery store, just have to make sure you get a well kept system...
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  4. Ashley

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    I love nano tanks in general so I think I'll be ok. I'm going to be setting up a biocube 14 gallon. Right now I'm gathering the remaining equipment I need and figuring out my set up.
  5. tjudy

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    If you need less than 10 gallons at a time, and do not need it very frequently, then you can buy a lot of distilled water for a long time before equaling the cost of an RO unit (and all the other parts you need). PM sent...
  6. Marine590622

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    The woodmans near us has ro water for sale for .30 per gallon. You can pick up 6 gallon containers at walmart to haul the water in. That would be cheaper then the $1.00 per gallon for the distilled they sell there.

    Although 6 gallons of ro water in one of these is going to way 45 pounds. You might need help loading an unloading so perhaps 4 3 gallon containers would serve you better.
  7. Marine590622

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    Just out of curiosity, how close to distilled water do you need to be? I am wondering if the inline filters that you can use with a saddle tap for refrigerators would get the water clean enough. They claim to get 98 or 99 % of minerals and additives removed.

    EVOLTNVII Member

    Which Woodmans? im looking for some cheap RO water myself
  9. Sula

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    When I just had a couple nano tanks I bought all my water at Woodmans (West side). It worked pretty well for me...

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