We need volunteers for the aquascaping competition! Sign up today!

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    The aquascaping competition is only two weeks away and we want YOU to help us make the competition a success!

    MAAH's Great Lakes Aquascaping Championship is one of two big events that the club puts on. The event is a TREMENDOUS promotion and outreach opportunity for the club and a celebration of creative planted tank design.

    Please sign up to volunteer at the aquascaping competition using the doodle poll below. The times indicated are when we plan on working but feel free to volunteer for only portions of days. Just leave a note on the poll or in this forum thread with specifics. Duties will mainly be helping contestants with water and substrate, keeping an eye on the area and answering questions from the public. This event in particular is a great opportunity to get new people excited about our hobby and hopefully join MAAH. Our greatest need for volunteers will be Friday morning when the aquascaping starts and Sunday evening for teardown.

    The general daily volunteer activities:
    Thursday 2/8 - Setup Day. Setup area, move and prepare equipment, substrate, and other materials
    Friday 2/9 - Garden Expo begins. Welcome aquascapers, chat with public, move water and substrate
    Saturday 2/10 - Last day to aquascape. moving some water, keeping area clean, chatting with public
    Sunday 2/11 - Last day, teardown. placements announced, moving lots of water and substrate, complete teardown

    The competition is part of and held at the WPT Garden Expo at the Alliant Energy Center. If you are interested in gardening or landscaping there are a lot of seminars, demos, and exhibitors to check out during downtime. We have Garden Expo entry passes for volunteers so your entry will be free, but there is a daily parking fee to use the AEC parking lot.

    Come on out and help at the aquascaping contest! It's a lot of fun and a great way to help the club and promote our hobby on a winter weekend!


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