What are the best supplements out there for coral?

Discussion in 'General Marine Aquarium Keeping' started by Dreu, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Dreu

    Dreu New Member

    I am a newb to saltwater so I am trying to get all the basics down.
    What is the best product out there for corals to get supplements of calcium, strontium and other trace elements . Is there an all in one or do I have to buy each one separate?

    So far I have two Ricordea green I think, some zoos and a hammer branching coral. All seem to be doing good

    Thinking about adding some frogs spawn, candy cane frag, and some different ricordea,

    Right now I have two T5's on and Two blues on, I could turn on two more if necessary.

    All my perimeters look good, I haven't tested my calcium yet, I am still looking for the right tester. So any input on that would help.

    Thanks for your time
  2. Narwhal72

    Narwhal72 Well-Known Member

    It's best to add separate calcium and magnesium supplements. These two compounds are really macro elements in saltwater and deplete at different rates.

    Trace elements such as strontium, etc... can be lumped together as they are used in very small amounts and not as critical to the system.

    I am a little biased but I would recommend Kent Liquid Calcium, Kent Tech M, and Kent Pro Buffer for your macro elements.

    I would use Kent Coral Vite for the trace elements.

    If your tank is new and you want to get your coralline algae growing faster I would suggest Kent Purple Tech.

  3. Dreu

    Dreu New Member

    Thank you for the advice I will give them a try

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