What did you get at Cataclysm 2017

Discussion in 'General Freshwater Aquarium Keeping' started by fishlady, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. fishlady

    fishlady Executive Board

    I got the 50 low boy, canister filter and 24" t5 light.
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  2. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Ilyodon Furcidens
    Nanochromis splendens
    Xenotoca Diadroi " San Marcos"
    Betta Rubra
    Corydoras Weitzmani
    Kyoga flamebacks
    Synodontis lucippinnis
    Big container of Repashy spawn and grow
    Cichlid book by Ad Konings
    "Nancy" the bathing beauty with shell!!!!!!!!
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  3. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    From the raffle: Precision Submersible Heater and Universal Color changing LED Lights.
    Purchased: Pelvicachromis Kribensis Moliwe from Tristans Tropical Fish.

    I had a wonderful time at my first Cataclsysm!
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  4. TheyJustWantedGoldfish

    TheyJustWantedGoldfish Active Member

    Fish: Corydoras sp. CW069
    Plant: Crinum calamistratum
    Fish specimen container from the raffle

    Lots of great info and tips!
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  5. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    Hypoptoma sp. Rio Tigre
    Peckoltia sp. L494
    Some repashy and algae wafers
    Commemorative name badge and lanyard and lots of awesomeness from awesome fish people
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  6. Mike F

    Mike F Advisory Board

    Ilyodon Furcidens was there? aw snap, I was not paying attention! I'll cross my fingers they breed for ya. Cool fish!
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  7. Mike F

    Mike F Advisory Board

    I got two of Sai's donated axolotls, my 4 year old was awestruck. he and my wife named them jo and bob? apparently?
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  8. steve

    steve Active Member

    3 Sturisoma aureus
    3 Panaqolus albivermis
    3 Leporacanthicus joselimai, L264 one was stuck in the bag so now just 2.
    2 Lasiancistrus tentaculatus. L092
    1 Queen Arabesque Pleco L260
    6 Centromochlus perugiae
    5 Panaqolus sp L271
    and 6 lemon tetras. onlyl thing I was looking for but didn't pick up was a couple peckoltias.
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  9. Gar

    Gar Member

    First off I got a very fun weekend!
    A cool LITTLE 150 gallon aquarium setup.
    A pair off Hypancistrus L450
    A nice marineland filter.
    Also a lot of knowledge about catfish.
  10. Dragon159

    Dragon159 Advisory Board

    A new group to play with of C.Rabutai, a few new plants to try and not kill, hopefully a better friendship with several club members, some valuable knowledge I was looking for, and one awesome escape from the grind that has become daily life. Oh yeah ..... almost forgot the cool t-shirt.
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  11. AssassinJimmie

    AssassinJimmie Chris B

    Chrysichthys ornatus (its big! I hope it can't eat my other one. So far so good... knock on wood)
    Hassar cat
    Rhineloricara L10A "red lizards"
    Neolamprologus leleupi
    A box of scratch and dent caves (guilty pleasure for my stingy self) Todd if you see this you are welcome to split it with me again.

    And the most important item that was brought back to my home was the pleco plush I got from the Sunday raffle. Harrison (my older son who was around Saturday afternoon) requested one after he noticed that they came with a Swedish fish candy attached to the tag. I promised him that I would try and get him one. To my surprise I won the first and only raffle of my entire life, and used it to select a stuffed animal (when there where still far superior items on the table). Luckily my younger son who very patiently let me help with the auction while I caried him around loves the sapphire pleco and his older brother has agreed to share it with him so lots of love coming back from that (we are looking into ordering a second plush using the free shiping code that came on the other one to dispell the inevitable dispute of ownership in the future).

    Oh! And the delightful time sharing drinks, and exchanging quite inappropriate banter with some of our friends visiting from overseas and other ares of the continent.
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  12. hazard

    hazard Active Member

    I brought home 3 L260 and 2 little corys
    A good show. My time there was limited. I wish I could of seen a few of the presentations but kids sports got in the way

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  13. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    My friends from Iowa brought me some surprises.
  14. SteveS

    SteveS Advisory Board

    Forgot one. Pelvicachromis kribensis moanda. 8 nice sized fish.
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    REVTODD Active Member Staff Member

    Better than any fish was all the new friends. Had a blast!
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  16. Eric N

    Eric N Member

    Got a great group of corys. A big thank you to the super Cataclysm volunteers and donors. Also a big shout out to Ted who even gave the shirt off his back to Martin Ortiz! Great time and lots of fun.
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  17. Narwhal72

    Narwhal72 Well-Known Member

    I got a group of Corydoras eques.

    Nice looking fish. Can't wait until I can setup them up for spawning.
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  18. Sean S

    Sean S Executive Board

    I didn't think you any tanks setup
  19. bahamafj11

    bahamafj11 Well-Known Member

    Three L260 Queenies and met a new, cool friend from Scotland...............................:D
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  20. Narwhal72

    Narwhal72 Well-Known Member

    I still have 5 tanks setup. But just to hold my most valuable fish. They are crowded and no good for breeding. Just to look at. The eques are currently sharing a 20L with a colony of C. loretoensis, C. concolor, Ancistrus claro, and a livebearer (I forget the name).

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