Where to buy 54 watt T5 bulbs?

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  1. I have a ballast out in my T8 light fixture over my 112gal tank and instead of fixing it Ive decided to remove the old fixture from the light hood and replace it with a t5 fixture. I'm doing this because I want better light output for plants. Home depot and Menards both sell a T5 fixture that uses two 54 watt bulbs for $39. But for some reason neither store sells 54 watt bulbs. They both have plenty of bulbs that are 28watt and a couple other wattages in the 20-30 range but no 54 watt. For whatever reason the 54watt fixture is the only one that doesn't come with bulbs. Anyone know where I can buy them locally? I think ill try farm n fleet in janesville. I would imagine buying them from a store like this would be much cheaper than a pet store. Although the cases of 25-50 bulbs for $120-$180 on ebay does interest me. But I really dont need that many all at once
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  3. Interesting, I've never seen those. Says all you have to do is wire up a Hot and Neutral wire to one end of the bulb. Are there no contacts on the other end of the tube? Have you used these type before?
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    I buy my 54 watt t5ho bulbs from PKK Lighting in Middleton. They are Damar brand in 6500K and run about $8 each. Call ahead.
  5. Thanks thats a pretty decent price.
  6. I ended up ordering a pair of LED T8s. We'll see how they do
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    Let me know what you think of them.
  8. Got them today. Side by side with Regular T8s they seem a lot brighter but facing down into the tank it doesnt seem like much of a difference. The glass tops do have some hard water build up on them that needs to come off so Im sure thats blocking a lot of light. The lights are 96 LEDs each 2400 lumen Pure white.
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    When you are looking at the light directly, the LED's will look brighter because all of the light from the LED's is coming right at you from point sources. For the flourescent, the light is emitted at a 360 degree radius so only the light from the arc of the lamp directly facing you is what is coming directly at you and the rest is being reflected and diffused at you from different angles so they won't look as bright.

    But once you put them on the aquarium all the light is then going into the tank and what you are seeing is the light reflected from the objects in the aquarium. This is why they look the same. The total light output from the fluorescents may be equal or brighter than the LED. Although with T8 lamps it's pretty close to what LED tubes are capable of.

  10. Yeah Ive noticed with other LED lighting ive had its a lot more directional. I do like the color of the Leds tho compared to the standard T8s or the fluorescent lamp bulbs I have throughout the house.

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