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Discussion in 'Rainbows' started by mlaursen, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. mlaursen

    mlaursen Well-Known Member

    I've been monkeying around with my camera gear trying to figure out aquarium photos, here is one of my planted tank in the dining room.

  2. Jon

    Jon Member

  3. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    Are you shooting at a high ISO? The plant surfaces look a little grainy, but that may be my computer screen.
  4. mlaursen

    mlaursen Well-Known Member

    no, it's at 400. and It's off of a 5D which is about as low noise as you can get
  5. tjudy

    tjudy Executive Board Staff Member

    What aperture then? It looks like your focal depth is very narrow. In my experience, shooting through glass and water has the effect of reducing aperture, so I try to shoot at 18 (except when shooting macro, and then I try to keep it at 8-9). I also shoot at ISO 100, but my new D7000 has excellent noise reduction, even at very high ISO. I shot some very nice pics of jelly fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium playing around with ISO 3200 and no flash.

    How many overhead flashes are you using?
  6. mlaursen

    mlaursen Well-Known Member

    One overhead flash that is outdated and doesn't necessarily communicate well with the camera. It's not ISO noise, this camera can shoot 1600 with next to no noise and i've confirmed that as I had to shoot a wedding at high ISO with this. I think what you may be noticing is that their is a dusting of algae on the leaves. And yes the depth of field is fairly shallow, I believe this was shot @ about 8 1/2. I'm not sure the flash is bright enough for 18

    -update. I pulled up the full file in photoshop. It's sharp from the bottom all teh way to the back fish but there is a lot of fuzzy algae on the anubias. Little loss of focus on the anubias to teh right, (It is a bowfront tank too) and even in the shadows there is no visible ISO noise so I think it's just how it's being displayed via photo bucket.

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