Yellow lab Cichlid

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  1. I have no clue what happened to one of my sisters labs. We know he gets bullied and is the (runt) of the tank.
    The tank is a 55 gal. and has a power filter. The fish in the tank are 2 yellow labs (one of them is the sick one), a larger featherfin cat., 2 blue,1 peach and one albino. albino might have beat him up again. I dont think he has ick but his fins look like rot and he swims as if his back/rear swim blatter is deflated. and we found him in the tank in between two rocks. I had put him in a hospital tank in my fishroom and I saw the way his swim pattern was like. I had put stress coat in the hos. tank but thats it so far. Any guesses on whats going on with him?!
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