Breeder Award Program (BAP)

The MAAH Breeder Award Program promotes the captive breeding of fish and invertebrates. Participants strive to reproduce animals in their care, and when they are successful they submit the spawns to the club for verification. Each species is worth points, with more difficult species being given a higher value. The club maintain records of the participants spawns and recognizes each person when they reach specific milestones on their way to being an MAAH Ultimate Breeder. The points are cumulative and will act as a record of accomplishment for each participant. Each year the club will recognize some outstanding participants with Breeder of the Year awards. The MAAH BAP year is from July 1 – June 30, and annual awards are given out at the annual Summer picnic in July. For a full description of the MAAH BAP program, please see the rules link below. Other links include the BAP spawn submission and verification form, the species point value charts and the member point totals (cumulative and annual).


Current BAP Standings (Google Document)

MAAH Bap points. Effective Jan 2017 Species that have not been spawned in the club previously have no established point value.
It is the responsiblity of the member who first spawns a species to request a class A, B, C, or D.

Species that have been spawned in the club previously are awarded the class previously assigned unless the member sucessfully argues for a change to the class.

Previously Submitted Species

MAAH 2023 Fall Dash

The BAP season is moving to January start through December end dates for the annual Breeder of the Year competition.  This will begin in January 2024.  Since the 2023 BAP season will end in June of 2023, we have a gap to fill, hence the Fall Dash.


  • Duration:
    • Submissions will be at the first MAAH club meeting after the July Combo Plate event and conclude in December at the annual MAAH party.
  • Qualifications:
    • You must be a member of MAAH in good standing to participate.
    • The member must submit a donation to MAAH of a minimum 6 fry that are at least 30 days from free swimming, but not more than 180 days.
    • Each submission will be a properly bagged, group of fry submitted as a donation to the MAAH auction with the members name, email, date of free swimming and the Genus species of the submission including variant or collection point.
    • Use the BAP online submission form and state in the notes this for the Fall Dash.
    • You may submit different variants or collection points of the same species as separate entries, but no duplicate submissions during the Fall Dash.
    • You may submit a species that you have submitted for BAP prior to the Fall Dash.
    • Fry must be heathy and free of any deformities.
    • Use the BAP rules to determine what species qualify.
  • Points:
    • A and B class BAP fish will earn 1 point per submission.
    • C and D class BAP fish will earn 2 points per submission.
    • CARES species will earn an additional 1 point per submission.
  • BAP points
    • You may “double dip” with a single submission to qualify for both the Fall Dash and BAP personal progression. However, the submission must meet all requirements of a BAP submission.
  • Awards:
    • 1st place will receive a certificate and $50 credit to a local fish store.
    • 2nd place will receive a certificate and $25 credit to a local fish store.
    • 3rd place will receive a certificate and $10 credit to a local fish store.
    • Ties will be determined based on the most D class fish followed by C, B, and then A. Any tie beyond this will be broken by the BAP Chair’s decision.
  • Questions or challenges:
    • The competition is to be administered by the BAP chair.
    • All decisions by the BAP chair are final.

Breeder Award Program

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