Monthly Auctions


You must be an annual member to buy or sell in the monthly auctions. This does not apply to auctions held as special events.

MAAH uses to run its auctions.

If you plan on buying or selling items at the auction, you will need to register and associate yourself with our group, “Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists”.

Within the first week of each month, the auction for that month’s upcoming meeting will be posted (An announcement will also be made on the forum once the auction is posted). Once the auction is posted, sellers can upload items using the icon, and items up for sale can be viewed using the icon.

Note: Only the nearest upcoming auction will be available to add items. Once an auction has passed items can no longer be added to it.


  • Each item being sold must have the seller’s name listed in the description on seller is limited to a maximum of
  • 15 lots per auction.
  • Only 2 lots of the same species(or variants of a species) or non-live goods may be entered per seller.
  • All fish must be bagged properly: Ziplock bags or breather bags are not acceptable for fish or invertebrate entries.
  • Buckets with a bag liner and closing lid are acceptable for large fish.
  • Labels are required for all items being sold. Each label should be clearly written or typed, and have the following information:Lot number, assigned from, and species of fish or invertebrate, or description of non-live item.
  • Quantity of item.
  • Seller’s contact information.
  • Note that labels can be printed on
  • Improperly bagged fish will be re-bagged at a cost of $2 per bag.


If you wish to donate proceeds for any of your entries being sold in the auction, be sure to include the word “Donation” in the description AND check the box marked “Donation”.


Live fish that are in good health, identifiable, and at least 1 inch in length. For dwarf species, entries must be at least ½ inch in length.
Live invertebrates that are in good health and are identifiable.
Live plants that are in good health, identifiable and free of algae.
Live food cultures.
Aquarium or pond equipment and decorations which are in good condition and are clean.


Used gravel or sand substrates.
Lots consisting solely of Lemna (duckweed) and/or Azolla (mosquito fern) species.
Opened containers or out-of-date consumable products (food, medications, fertilizers, etc.).
Items not related to aquariums or ponds.
Anything that is prohibited or restricted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). This includes, but is not limited to, certain species of fish, invertebrates, and plants. NO CRAYFISH ARE PERMITTED.