Club Ambassador Program

 The purpose of the Club Ambassador Program (CAP) is to promote the induction of new club members and increase the event volunteer base. To recognize current club members that help expand the membership. 


  1. First rule of fish club: We like to talk about fish club, a lot, to anyone who will listen. 
  2. Submissions will be made by the new member on the club application form by giving credit to the recruiting ambassador. 
  3. Submissions will be reviewed by the membership chair to verify it is a new member. 
  4. Any member in good standing is eligible for points. 
  5. Members shall retain point during any lapse of membership but must be a current member to gain points. 
  6. Only a new membership is eligible for points. 
  7. For program points to be awarded, new member must complete the application form, submit annual dues, and attent at least two regular club meetings in the first calandar year from application date. 
  8. Rules are subject to Membership Committee interpretation and disputes shall be decided by majority vote by the executive board. Inquiries and disputes are to be brought to the attention of the membership committee or executive board.


  •  One point is awarded for a new member that meets the rule requirements. 
  • An additional bonus point may be awarded if the new member volunteers for a committee seat, board seat, or event staff position at the discretion of the membership committee.