Project Description

October 15, 2022 | Rick Borstein | 60 MORE Tips in 60 Minutes

Discover over sixty tips and techniques, do-it-yourself projects, and videos on how to save time, save money or be more productive in the fish hobby.
This talk is an all-new compendium that builds upon Rick’s most popular talk, “Sixty Tips in Sixty Minutes”. Rick includes tips for cleaning, breeding, feeding, tech and more! Links and diagrams are included so you can try the tips, too! At the end of the talk, you will be given a link to a concise PDF which you can print or view after the talk.

About the speaker:
Rick Borstein is the co-Webmaster of the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association (GCCA) and President of the Chicago Livebearer Society (CLS). Rick was the Chairman of the successful 2006 American Cichlid Association Convention held in Chicago, IL. Rick has spawned over 250 species of cichlids and 50 livebearers and holds the title of Master Breeder in the GCCA. Rick’s basement fishroom has 42 tanks ranging in size from 10 gallons to 240 gallons. Rick is primarily interested in cichlids and livebearers.