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April 16, 2022 | Dean Tweeddale | Raising Fry, How and Why

Dean Tweeddale is a master breeder who started keeping fish over 50 years ago. He started with guppies, moved on to discus, and has since bred countless species of freshwater fish. Always an innovator, Dean has, throughout his fishkeeping career, built three in-house fish rooms and developed an incredible fry system. Some of his proudest moments in the hobby are developing a system to raise discus artificially, breeding many rare dwarf cichlids, continuous spawning of German blue rams, and spawning several L-number plecos including most recently zebra plecos. He has collected wild fish in Peru (with more trips planned) and has appeared on a number of YouTube channels including Aquarium Co-Op, Swishkey, L.R.Bretz’s Aquatics, and Dustin’s Fish Tanks.