Project Description

MAAH Public Auction

April 20 at 12pm

2711 Allen Blvd, MIddleton, WI 53562.  3rd floor.

Check in for buyers and sellers will start at 10:00am. Items will need to be entered into If you plan to enter items for sale and are not certain how to join the MAAH group and enter items, please come early. Otherwise, please enter items as soon as possible so that people can check out what will be available and make plans to house their new live stock or plants.

Which brings us to the next point… Items that can be entered are aquatic livestock (such as fish, snails, etc), aquatic plants and gently used aquarium gear. All livestock must be legal to keep in the state of WI.

All aquariums must hold water. All equipment must be in good working order.

All fish and other aquatic livestock must be contained in real fish bags, not ziplock bags or buckets (unless it is a REALLY big fish, then it can be in a bucket). There will be a $2 rebagging fee for livestock that arrives improperly bagged. If you bring a fish that has barbels (most catfish) double bag them so that they don’t puncture the bag and cause leakage.

Plants should be bagged as well, but can be in an appropriate sized ziplock bag. Do not put water in the bags with plants, this will cause them to rot. Plants can survive in bags for at least 1-2 days (sometime more) without water.

All stock must be healthy.