Project Description

February 19, 2022 | Tristan Watson | How Tristan’s Tropical Fish Works

Tristan grew up in Evansville WI, a small town in South Central Wisconsin. He has always had an affinity for animals, which was fueled by the creek that ran through his backyard. Tristan enjoyed collecting toads, frogs as well as various native fish species. He found a love for tropical fish at age five, which led to a small basement fish room by his middle school years. Tristan and his dad successfully bred a number of freshwater and saltwater species, including rams, discus and pajama cardinal fish. After graduating high school, Tristan pursued a degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, with minors in Aquaculture and Aquaponics. During breaks from college, Tristan worked at TedsFishroom, where he was introduced to more South American Dwarf Cichlid species than he knew existed. Thanks to his valuable work experience, Tristan felt compelled to start his own aquarium store, Tristan’s Tropical Fish, which he started in 2018 after graduation from college. Tristan breeds many of the fish that he sells in his store, emphasizing on species in the genera, Mikrogeophagus, Apistogramma and Pelvicachromis.